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Our vision is to enhance a consistent growth in the oil and gas sector through a conscious quality, safety, competent, and prompt execution of jobs and provisions of services to companies we work with. This enhances a steady growth and pioneers the local content regime. To be market leader in the provision of reliable, safe, quality and competitively priced oil and gas services and products to the customers.


Our mission is to be recognized as world class of products and services by adopting the following principles :-

  • To continually strive to meet or exceed our Clients expectation.
  • To provide services of the highest standard to meet the needs of the customers.
  • To play a leading role in the business in Sultanate of Oman and to the benefit of the whole community.
  • To seek out new opportunities as part of a long term approach to business.
  • To build our success on Professional and dedicated employees operates in environment that result in highest performance.
  • To strive continuously to learn from the past experiences to maintain better and better our competitiveness
  • To manage our business in highly efficient and cost effective manner to the benefit of our Clients and to our long term success & growth in further.


This mission is derived from our top management company’s vision, which is built on a clear commitment to Quality reflected in the Services provided. Above all, it has been derived by adopting a long term approach to the needs of both the Clients and the Business as well.


  • To operate DAS in a manner that allows our services to surpass the normal expectations for development of services in the Oil and Gas Industries. By focusing on our customers as the primary concern of our Company, DAS will continue to maintain its position as the Industry Standard by which all others are compared.
  • Our aim is to continuously improve our services to meet the needs of our customers, allowing us to sustain our position as a professional organisation of the highest integrity and to provide enhancement in the performance of our own and our Members' business.
  • We deliver a unique and proven high quality, cost effective, timely, and innovative process of collaborative technology development and implementation.
  • The company aims to be recognized as one of the best service providers to oil & gas operators and companies.
  •  Developing into an Oil and Gas service company capable of pre- qualifying in its own right to provide cost effective well servicing activities to oil and gas companies, without the assistance of outside entities.
  • Providing all machines and equipments with well-trained staff.
  • Implementing contracts according to drawn specifications.
  • Follow up and evaluation of each and all phases within appropriate period.
  • Training and qualifying Omanies to take over in compliance with official Omanisation plan.
  • Budgetary plan to cover necessary expenditure only and maintain a profit for the company.
  • Planning and executing economically sound and feasible projects for the benefit of the people of the area concerned and for sustainable development of the country.